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no. i think you mean penis. [Mar. 9th, 2006|08:48 pm]
marrah, queen of the...?
[Current Mood |contentyep]
[Current Music |stupid doggy noises...i hate you martin luther king(the dog)]

Today I went to the park and I played with ducks and I skipped rocks and I stared into a yucky creek for a really long time watching a rock. I also went hunting for bear tracks and I played poop sticks or sumfin like that. It was raining. Cait squealed when I touched her forehead...exactly. I feel bad for livejournal because everyone likes myspace better. I also feel bad for onions, but thats a totally different thing. There is a stinking dog barking for no apparent reason. Oh...no, he's just barking at the rain(?!) 

I want to come to your house
And dance all around
And play with your toys
And teach you to love me


From: the_lone_cheese
2006-03-10 03:11 am (UTC)
its poo sticks and its the bestest game ever!
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[User Picture]From: holy_holy_crap
2006-03-10 11:38 pm (UTC)
*pooh. hahahaha.

and yes, i quite agree
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