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My Thanksgiving By: Mary [Nov. 25th, 2005|08:35 pm]
marrah, queen of the...?
[Current Mood |apatheticwhy bother?]

Every year my family gathers for a great celebration of ...well, i haven't figured out what yet.

Anyways, all the "adults" get drunk and sit, drooling, around the carcass of a poor, slow, defenseless turkey and all the trimmings. This gruesome meal is complete with stuffing(who wants to eat something that has been STUFFED inside the dead bird?), cranberry sauce(the most tame dish, by far), green bean casserole(the one thing I enjoy), and even a fat, tender ham(pssh). After the family is stuffed to the limit it is time to discuss with the youngin's why exactly we are eating all this food while hundreds of thousands of people in Africa will die tonight, this same night we sleep peacefully in our warm beds.

"It's to celebrate the coming together of two very different cultures!" Grandfather declares in a large, robust voice that only a grandfather could have.

"OH! I know!" exclaims Little Brother, "The pilgrims and the indians!" How young and naive he is.

Little Sister chimes in, "The pilgrims helped the indians find food and they celebrated and had a great feast." Her eyes glow as she pictures pilgrims in their silly hats and black and white attire, and the indian princesses with beauty that cannot be described with mere words.

"That's right." says Stepfather, filled with the pride of having children with such good schooling that they know these things already, not even being in middle school yet.

I sit, leaning in my chair, trying hard not to upset anyone on this joyous day. I bite my tongue as I hear the "adults" feed into the childrens horribly incorrect portrayal of this fateful day in American History.

Littler Sister, fearing that she may be left out, begins to weave her own tale of the happy, happy day, "First, the pilgrims brought the tables and chairs to eat on, and then they cooked all the food that the indians had gathered and all the turkeys and deer they had gotten...To make it taste good." Of course, because Native Americans were gatherers, scavengers even, but not hunters. Oh no, certainly not, that's unheard of.

Grandfather's girlfriend(?!) sees me looking on in dissapproval. "What's wrong Mary? Don't you like Thanksgiving?" How do I explain this without causing complete and utter mayhem in the house? How do I let this out to my very opionionated Grandfather and Mother?

"Well," I begin, "It's just that..." I look this way and that trying to put into words what I am thinking. I know the atmosphere that follows my few words will be far from happy. I can't escape this now, though. Everyone is staring at me, hanging on my every word, waiting to see what is bothering me so while they enjoy a glorious day.

"You guys are wrong, " I say, looking down to avoid the befuddled looks of my relatives. They want to know what I am talking about, so I continue. "The pilgrims didn't help the indians find food, they didn't really help them with anything...ever."

"NUH UH!" Little Brother says, taken aback that I could tarnish the name of those who helped form our great country.

"SHHHH!" everyone turns and shushes him. He slides down in his chair afraid of being further chastized.

"What do you mean?" Says Grandfather, he's got that look in his eyes, the look he gets when he KNOWS someone is wrong, but still wants to see what they have to say so he can use it against them in further arguments. I can see it know "And YOU thought the pilgrims never helped the indians!"

"The pilgrims actually didn't help with Thanksgiving at all. They were hungry and the Native Americans were kind enough to give them food, so they took advantage of it." Everyone staring at me is making me so nervous that I don't want to go on. Even though i have known most of these people since I was born I have no idea how they will react to this. "They ate as much of the Native Americans food and they could put into their mouths and then murdered the whole village while they slept. It was actually really, really disgusting and horribly inhumane."

Grandfather looks as though he might explode, Mother stares blankly, wondering how I could ruin a beautiful family gathering, and the chidren are enthralled, they want to know more. Now I am getting into it. I want to tell them all what happened, I want to expose this day for what it really is.

"And did you know, that the Native Americans didn't start the whole scalping thing? No, that was one of the things that the British, or pilgrims, brought with them, and they got it form the Spanish. The Native Americans just mimicked what they saw the enemy doing. Because after all that's what there were..Enemies." I realize that i shouldn't have said thins as soon as the last word leaves my mouth.

Mother looks at me in awe. "Mary..."

"Don't worry Mother, I'm finished." I say as I rise to leave. "But, just one last thing. Let's all give thanks for the pilgrims. Imean, look how happy the indians are now."

Yes, and what a glorious day it was. I can't wait for Christmas, where we can eat even more slaughtered animals, and rejoice under the false pretense that  God loves us and someone was willing to die for a race that appreciates none of what it has and is only interested in material items.

At least I can look forward to seeing my family, that’s always fun. Oh, wait, no. how could I forget? I’m the outcast of the family, the outspoken one whom no one takes seriously because only pure rubbish escapes from behind these lips. They tell me I get it from my father, the one who strayed from the beaten path to become an artist while all his brothers became “real” working men, who wear suits and look forward to going to work everyday to sit in their tiny cubicles and answer their phones and take their lunch breaks.




On a happier note, look at this funny thing. I normally don't like quizzes but this one intrigued me.

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john [Nov. 9th, 2005|07:43 pm]
marrah, queen of the...?
ok, so, he is doing a bit better, kali's mom saw him today and said that he looked good so that's always comforting, considering her mommy works at a hospital. he is going into surgery for his arm either tomorrow or friday, they think he'll even be able to drum again once this is all done. next week he is gonna get moved from pediatric ICU to a general room and then from there he is going to a rehabilitation center to work with his arm and helping him walk more...i'm super tired and i'm gonna try to sleep now. i got a bit more info so if you want it find me at school and i'll fill you in...

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(no subject) [Oct. 12th, 2005|10:58 am]
marrah, queen of the...?
i am only updating cuz i have nothing better to do because you can't access myspace from the stupid school anymore!!! sheesh. well, yesterday my daddy ordered my underoath tickets...they should be arriving in 6-8 work days, lol. hmm...i forgot how much fun ti was to update.

so what do you want to talk about? uh...my red herring cut his hair and now his ginormous german forehead is exposed. meh, whateva. on to the next one. um...well, now i am bored. i might update again sometime soon. or maybe not...prolly not...but just maybe
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touch-a, touch-a, touch-a, touch me.... [Sep. 28th, 2005|09:31 pm]
marrah, queen of the...?
[Current Mood |dirtywash me]
[Current Music |that song by ths rasmas...the feather one...about shadows]

thrill me, chill me, fulfill me.....creature of the night

homecoming in 3 days...which means.....MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 3 DAYS!!!! woot. 16 and uh...well...if i took drivers ed i would be able to drive but alas.....i didn't take it so.....i should just move to canada. or become a cloistered nun. no, nevermind, scratch the last one.

anyways, i am WAY excited about homecoming, i love my dress, i think it is very very pretty. i am going with kali and her man friend and andrew topping, what a crew. like the ace gang only not all girls and a little funnier. ya, well...i let kaity put makeup on my face today,lol. ya, well that was a laugh riot. i had a bunch of cover-up on (i guess to hide my face?) kaity kept telling me what each layer was for:

"this one is to conceal, this one is a foundation, this one makes your pores look smaller...etc."

it was funny. i will definatly never get so into myself that i have to wear 80 pounds of make-up to just feel good about myself, and if i do, which i won't, but just in case, give my a nice slap across the face and tell me to get over myself.

well, i gotta go guys and dolls.
i love you too much
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(no subject) [Jun. 25th, 2005|07:48 am]
marrah, queen of the...?
[Current Mood |devious]
[Current Music |underoath-down, set, go]

yep, i'm at my mommy's house...it's pretty fun i guess.
so far this summer i have done just about nothing...no wait, i did an ollie on my skateboard yesterday!!! yea, i know it's like the lamest thing ever but i did one and i am SO proud of myself!

i want my report card to get here now so i can stop worrying but alas it hasn't arrived.

a "friend" of mine totally ruined a friendship i had with someone else by writng somethign in that persons livejouranl and i am not so happy about it (don't worry, you don't know either of the people)

so yes, i am just updated to let you all know that i am not dead. i'll talk at you later yo

threace out
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(no subject) [Jun. 6th, 2005|07:42 am]
marrah, queen of the...?
[Current Mood |annoyedangry at self]
[Current Music |armor for sleep]

ok, so you might've noticed that something is missing from the last entry, good.
i am not in the mood to talk about it...and if you don't know what i am talking about then don't ask cuz i prolly won't tell you.
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(no subject) [Jun. 2nd, 2005|12:36 pm]
marrah, queen of the...?
[Current Mood |cheerfulYAY!!! CANADA!!!]
[Current Music |Maroon 5- sunday morning]

well, so me and julia are watching cartoons ...it's pretty cool, we just watched pokemon that was interesting...oh how i love cartoons like whoa...anyways i am going to canada tommorrow morning at 9:30am and it will be fun and i will get my skateboard put together and it will be great and i will go to strawberry fest and kara will get punched in the eye...wait, scratch that last part, but it will be great fun and we will dance and sing and paint sams room pink and it will be fun. yesterday i was playing at my friend seans house with jamie, another friend, and i am pretty sure that i broke my hip lots cuz it hurts and my back hurts too....ow
gotta go peeps
threace out
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The Girl At The Rock Show [Feb. 10th, 2005|10:00 am]
marrah, queen of the...?
[Current Mood |sadi don't wanna look at him...]

so, yesterday i went to the rockshow with heather and cait and icky and we found shannon(hump hump) and julia(hump hump). and i was surprised cuz 2 of the bands were actually pretty good but the rest sucked really bad...Oh Oh Oh, we saw Braed!!!!! it was hot! and Jedd's new band played, also very hot! ADN....KARA...guess who i saw.....DREW!!!!!!! i told him you said hi and he asked how you were doing and he said to tell you hi and he wanted to know when you were gonna be back in town...i told him this weekend of course!

Oh, Pee Ess...i talked to the pretty emo boy yesterday and i learned his name(Sam) but i think heather may have scared him off cuz she asked to touch his hair and he looked slightly taken aback and told her no...HEATHER, IF YOU SCARED HIM OFF I WILL SNAP UR NECK LIKE A GLOWSTICK!!!!!

uh oh, i got a note from the office just now...be right back...don't go anywhere...

i'm baaackk, well i get to leave school early today...TO GO TO A FUNERAL!!!! yeah, my dad's artwork agent guy died...he was like 80-something though...damnit! why today? i hate funerals for people that aren't family members cuz i never know what to say to the people there...i cannever say "sorry for your loss" with a straight face. not that it's funny but it sounds kind of cheesy...ugggggghhh, and what will i wear? and i kinda don't wanna look at his body but they are gonna make me go up there and then they will think that i am really sad and everyone will go "oh, honey, it's ok, he's in a better place now" I KNOW!!!! and when i get up there to see his body i am gonna get a strange urge to poke his face, but i can't!! and my dad is gonna cry and i am gonna wanna leave...geez. and it's gonna smell funny. and we are gonna have to drive reeaaaaallllyyyy slow in the funeral line thingy..hmmppphhh.

*NOTE: when i die, please have me cremated so a poor soul doesn't have to go through what i am going to have to endure in a few hours...
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SNIFFF THEM!!!!!!!! [Feb. 9th, 2005|11:38 am]
marrah, queen of the...?
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]
[Current Music |the theme song to Scrubs.....???]

yea, so i didn't get shot down...cuz he wasn't here...he is here today though and my fear of rejection is acting up again...



yeah, now that i got that out of the way, we can get down to business...i really wanna go shopping...BAAAAAD! i decided that i am going to go wait for kara and then go shopping this weekend...but we have to go on saturday before 5:00pm! cuz if we go after that i will have more money which i will be forced to spend and i am trying to save up for the concert! man i wanna go shopping...so bad that it's not even funny! STOP LAUGHING! today brittany said that i can't be a rockstar but she is wrong!!!! i am going to be the rockstaringest rockstar EVER!!!!!!

well, i gotta go do classy schooly stuff...

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Rise The Wake and Carry Me With All of My Regrets [Feb. 7th, 2005|09:58 am]
marrah, queen of the...?
[Current Mood |apatheticapathetic]
[Current Music |just the sound of me hiccuping]

wow, so yeah, kara came this weekend...it was awesome! on friday she was really late so isat around her house chillin' with her mom, ellen, and the boys..gee what fun,. but then she showed up and all was well. we went to my house to get stuff and we saw a constellation and we were trying to imitate it and some random guy asked us if we were on drugs...unfortunatly we weren't but then her mom let us drink some smirnoff coolers and we broke into the whiskey...then we started to watch a movie and of course i fell asleep, cuz that's what i do...

then on saturday kara left for Howell and i had to work...i had a nice long chat with jill, we figured out that my problem with boys is that i have a fear of rejection...oh man is it huge too...

then on sunday i woke up and got ready to go to the mall with kara and at about 1 o'clock i started waiting for her, but she didn't come. so i fell asleep with the phone next to me and woke up at like 2:30 and she still didn't come. so i went back to sleep and she called me at like 4 and said to meet her at her house and she had already gone to the mall...i was crushed of course and was a bit annoyed when i got to her house cuz i had been waiting to go shopping with her for weeks and i could've gotten a ride out to the mall if she would've called me...i even got my dad to drive me out to the bank so i could cash my check, which he didn't enjoy...but then we started watching the maybe memories dvd and she shoved her face in my boobs which of course made everything better...

i just thought of an awesome name for a porn...

Strangers Have The Best Candy

yeah, so that was my weekend...me and kara sat around and talked about how awesome our band will be...and that was about it

well, now i have to go try to make the emo boy like me and get shot down and then be crushed for a while...

oh, on a happier note, my dad said i could go to the concert in march...WOOT WOOT
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